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Next ASUS Zenfone devices to debut on September 21st in Rome

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Jul 01, 2017 )    |    News

In a couple of months from now, ASUS will unveil the new Zenfone series, currently known as the Zenfone 4 as is expected to introduce at least 6 variants of the series

While this information has been wide-spread across the internet with ASUS fans and enthusiasts talking about it from time to time. And to make it official, ASUS is sending out press invites which peg the date to September 21st and will be held in  ROME.

But surprisingly, though many of us believes that this upcoming ASUS handset will be the Zenfone 4’s however the invitation image (seen above) shows two looking like phone that forms a “V” symbol.

In roman numerals from which the event is coincidentally taking place, the “V” symbol signifies “5” or “Fifth” which could also suggest that the upcoming ASUS devices might not be called the Zenfone 4 at all but probably Zenfone 5 or something similar. Take for example the recently launched OnePlus handset which skipped 1 whole digit altogether and went over to “5”.

Other speculation suggests that it’s going to be the Zenfone 4’s that will be launched by September with a Zenfone 4V handset to make its debut. We don’t know for sure as to what ASUS should call their next generation handset but one thing for sure, the new series of handsets or most of it will be focusing more on the camera.

More on the ASUS Zenfone series in the next couple of months so stay tuned…