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New study showed yet another reason not to vape

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jul 29, 2016 )    |    Health, News, Technology


Vape – a new trend, an alternative for smokers not to use a nicotine-filled cigarette tobacco product. Though it was thought that vapes produces less harm to users, recent studies suggests that it isn’t the case.

As further research flourished, new evidence came to suggest that vapes are just as harmful as its traditional counterpart. In fact a new study revealed that vapes produces harmful chemicals – a potential carcinogenic byproduct of vaporizing chemical contents of two commonly food-safe solvents found on e-cigarette liquids. through heat, these chemicals are vaporized and emits toxic chemicals with two of them arepropylene oxide and glycidol, a potential carcinogens.

Under testing, it was found that e-cigarette devices that produces low heat emits lower level of harmful chemicals but that doesn’t mean that it’s better than other. furthermore,devices having a higher voltagetend to produce more toxic smoke which also gave the same results when vapes aren’t cleaned and maintained in a regular basis even though they are low powered, thus using a vape whether they are low-temp or produces higher temps still produces toxic smoke that can be harmful and might even be deadlier than a pack of cigars.