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New London Tube train design unveiled, to go into service by 2020

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 14, 2014 )    |    Technology, Transportation


Future railway plans in Cebu has undergone a number of discussions and even rumors has always ended up being just vaporware of some sort while our Country’s capital  in Luzon has undertaking small updates on its existing train transportation, half away across the world however, London specifically has already introduced the country’s next generation underground railway system.

London prepares for the new Tube trains for its intricate subterranean network of railway system. Priestmangoode together with Transport for London unveiled an all new tube train designed that is expected to go into service by 2020 and will run into the next 40 years. The new design brings a number of significant improvements with one of which is its driverless mechanism. Plans for a version of these trains with a driver were also under its proposal and might as well be implemented when needed in the future.

The new design has eliminated the divisions of each carriages providing a continuous flow from one end to the other giving more space for commuters. It also features a double-wide door which enables passengers to get on and off the train much easier and faster. It comes in with full air-conditioning and built-in Wi-Fi inside the train so users can still be connected to the internet while inside the tube. Other improvements were also a welcome change into the new trains, adverts and signage within the train will no longer be paper inserts, instead the future train will adopt to the use of digital screens for these services in additions to route and current location announcements. The lighting system inside these cars are all about LED’s that goes the same on its external features which have LED strips on the doors that flashes red that warns passengers that the door is about to close. The  LED strips can also be found on both ends of the train which glows white when the train is moving or red when the train goes in reverse.

These new improvements on the train transport in London is very much welcome to passengers who went on to use the city’s underground tunnels to move around the metropolis everyday and these new features does not only provide safety and reliability but also convenience and comfort for passengers.