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Motorola will launching a number of smart and wearable devices at MWC 2016

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Feb 19, 2016 )    |    Gadgets, Technology


Wearable devices today is not just limited to gadgets that you could put on your wrist or wear them in your head but it’s all about things and gadgets that are pocketable enough and can just be easily carried around at anytime. These new forms of wearable devices are from Motorola and ranges from traditional earphones, a pretty small activity camera and a dog collar under a new company’s product line Vervelife. Introduced back at CES, Motorola is all ready to show off all what it can do with wearable devices at MWC 2016.

Apart from us wearing these small gadgets, our pets will be able to have them as well, Motorola brings the new Verve Retrieve, a wearable device specially made for our dogs with an IP67 certification that ensures water and dust resistance. It also houses a GPS tracker and a cellular connectivity unit to always find your beloved dogs wherever they may be.


The Verve Retrieve also functions as a virtual fence for our pet which will notify you when your dog goes out from your designated safe zone or perimeter. Motorola claims the collar could last of up to 3 year before it needs to get replaced.


From here onward, these wearable devices are designed for humans and let’s take a look at the Verve Cam. It’s Motorola’s handy little camera which features a DSLR-like lens and like as we’ve said earlier, it’s the company’s take on activity cams or action cameras. It takes a seamless 2.5K HD videos at 30 fps. Inside the package, Motorola will be including a whole set of accessories that optimizes you on utilizing the camera. Additionally, Motorola also provides the software needed to edit, retrieve, broadcast and share your videos captured from the Verve Cam.

Next up, are the usual and traditional earphones, the VerveRider and the VerveLoop the two of which that features a traditional ear loop design.


Both earphones are water-resistant so having them while its raining won’t cause you any problem. Motorola promised 12 hours of battery life on either devices.


The last one and probably the most innovative in the product line is the new Verve Ones+, this neat little device comes with a pair of completely wireless ear budstogetherwith its own battery that could last up to 12 hoursin a singlefull charge.

Motorola would be giving more details about these wearable devices at MWC 2016 next week so stay tuned for more of these and other devices at the event from February 22 to 25.