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Microsoft WP8 team released two videos on getting started and new features on Windows Phone 8.1

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( May 21, 2014 )    |    Entertainment, Mobile, Technology




The Windows Phone 8 team posted two intro videos for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1. The new OS is currently available as a developer preview and wont go to everyone else’s devices until June 24. That said, the developers preview are for those who develops apps for the Windows Phone 8.1 and of course to those Windows Phone enthusiasts.

There are two options currently to take Windows Phone 8.1, one would be to purchase the Lumia 630 which is now available or if you have a existing Windows phone 8.0 device and wanted to take the plunge into the risky yet challenging environment of beta software products, then go ahead, it’s fairly easy though and the steps of getting the update is fairly posted throughout the internet. At this point, Windows Phone 8.1 is currently a preview for the final release and may present bugs and errors which could hinder anyone’s task any time. So updating to the preview version is at anyone’s risks and take note that it will void warranties if any.

The first video takes on the basics on using the Windows Phone 8.

Next video talks about the new highlighted features of Windows Phone 8.1, these includes; Cortana – Windows Phone’s personal digital assistant, Wi-Fi Sense and other personalization options from the new OS. Microsoft also emphasized the new Notication + Action Center and the new volume controls and a look on the new swipe keyboard.

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