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Microsoft to bundle a new Web Browser for Windows 10

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 30, 2014 )    |    Computing, Technology


The Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser have gone to major changes over the years from the era where Microsoft implemented its own standards for the web until the adoption of the web standards imposed by the World Wide Web consortium. While everyone have anticipated a new and improved Internet Explorer from the software giant, new reports came in suggesting that Microsoft is working on an all new web browser called Spartan and will be less than about Internet Explorer that we know of today.

Internet Explorer had been into legal battles and in a number of competition which finally brought down the popular Netscape Navigator in the 90’s. Its success lived for years until the proliferation of modern web browsers that left Microsoft’s mighty web browser behind. The company since updated IE and is starting to cope-up with the times. But as the company is about to release the next version of Windows, Microsoft will also introduce a new breed of web browser and that’s not Internet Explorer 12 that we have anticipated but a new browser that not only follows the standards of the web but will also include the long time missing features that users had hoped for years.

The alleged new web browser is said to feel more like Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox including the ability to add browser extensions which proved to be useful with modern web browsers. Despite the shift in appearance, the new web browser will retain Microsoft’s core web technologies and will continue to use the Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine. So as far as Microsoft is concerned, we won’t be seeing a browser from the Redmond giant with Webkit engine behind, so expect nothing like the Apple Safari or other WebKit equipped web browsers in Microsoft’s camp when Windows 10 arrives.

According to a report from ZDNet, Microsoft will also ship Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 along with the new Spartan web browser for compatibility purposes. ZDNet also suggests that the new browser isn’t far enough not to be included with the next Windows 10 beta builds so here’s hoping to see the new browser in the next few weeks. Microsoft is already set for the next big event for Windows 10 this coming January 21st, so expect to hear more about the new developments for the upcoming operating system and its underlying features that would come along the way.