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Microsoft to bring never before seen features to the company’s new browser

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jan 09, 2015 )    |    Computing, Gadgets, Mobile, Technology


Microsoft’s special event on January 21st is getting closer and while the company prepares to showcase what the upcoming Windows 10 would feature, people close to the company is now giving hints on what the company would unveil in the next few weeks.

One of the most notable new improvements and important feature in the OS is its built-in browser. While customers awaits for what’s new with the next version Microsoft’s long-standing Internet Explorer browser, the Redmond company has other plans in its sleeves. Lately, we’ve heard that Microsoft is coming out with an all new web browser called “Spartan” and is said to rise without the much influence that Internet Explorer always has.

Neither denied nor confirmed, Microsoft is really trying to win back the hearts of their users by introducing a more modern, secure and feature rich browser and that’s Spartan. The new browser is said to include features not found on rival browsers. With Spartan, users will be able to annotate web pages with a stylus and send this to a friend or colleagues, this feature is powered by Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage which means notes and annotated webpages are stored with the cloud and can easily be accessed on any browser and on any platform.

With Spartan, users can now talk to the browser as Microsoft will incorporate the company’s popular virtual assistant on mobile devices “Cortana”. Cortana will enable the browser to take different information online including tracking information on flights, packages, routes, hotel bookings and even the weather condition in the area. Microsoft’s implementation of Cortana on Spartan is planned to replace every bit of Bing in Internet Explorer that includes search functions.

Sleek, modern and keeping things clean and simple is the new way that Spartan is heading, the new browser will feature a fairly flat design with less than the usual buttons by default. The browser’s main buttons will stay as is which includes the Back, Forward and Refresh page. It will also feature a new Tab declutter which group Tabs together on users command.

One of the primary goal for the new browser is to make it as lightweight at possible so bloatware is definitely a “No No” with Spartan which have plague Internet Explorer for years. Microsoft is also making the new web browser cross-platform compatible meaning Spartan will be the same single browser entity on the Desktop, tablets and phones as well.

Despite numerous inquiries, Microsoft refuses to give any information regarding the new browser but as we’ve known earlier, Spartan will play a major role in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Though we’ll see an all new browser on the OS, Microsoft will also include the current Internet Explorer in Windows 10 for compatibility purposes.