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Microsoft sticking with entry-level Lumia’s until September next year

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 16, 2014 )    |    News, Technology


We’ve already got the new Lumia 535 and the Lumia 735 available in our local shops for the holiday season, these devices sits between the low-end and the mid-range market with hardware specifications being deemed more than capable to handle the underlying operating system yet Microsoft has given these devices a tougher fight into the entry-level market segment where users are inclined with practicality and usability.

As the next Mobile World Congress which is take place in Barcelona Spain this coming March 2015 is fast approaching, Microsoft has confirmed to be present in the event but our source suggests that the company is rumored to be showcasing only the new entry-level devices. In this case, we could expect the new Lumia 535 along with the Lumia 735 along with the rumored Lumia 625 successor (RM-1090) or perhaps the Lumia 435 (RM-1069) which surfaced earlier or even the mysterious RM-1110.

All flagship unveiling hopes for the MWC 2015 is not likely and sources closed to the Company suggests that flagship devices are more likely possible on the third quarter of 2015 probably by September at most. We’ve already seen the cancelled Lumia 1030 codename Mclaren a few weeks ago and Microsoft has already confirmed the faith of the device due to the issues with its 3D touch technology implementation. For now it seems that the current Lumia 930 and the larger Lumia 1520 will be extending their reign as the official flagship devices from Microsoft until the company brings out a new high-end device to the table.

Microsoft Windows Phones are mainly popular with entry-level or mid-end devices and the company seems to have set the phase for the time being. Users are speculating that the company is probably preparing a high-end mobile device that goes along with the launch of Windows 10 later this year and that would bring new hardware and software capabilities which would perfectly fit for the device to be official crowned as the company’s next flagship device.