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Microsoft launches Live Lock Screen beta app for Windows Phone 8.1

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jul 26, 2014 )    |    Mobile


Users of with Windows Phone 8.1 device should at least get busy over the weekend as Joe Belfiore from Windows Phone tweeted that their latest live lock screen beta app for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available to all devices with Windows Phone 8.1 OS installed.

Users will be able to select from 6 different preset layouts. Date, Time and various app notifications have different styles and a special animated background to further give a unique visual experience.

One installed, users may choose one of six layouts and a choice to select a background source which could either be from Bing or images on the device, once set, users may then chose the frequency when to change the lockscreen background from an hour, four hours, twelve hours or even once a day or users may choose not the shuffle the background image at all.

Users with Windows Phone 8.1 device or those who upgraded from Windows Phone 8.0 can now download the 4MB app from the Windows Phone store for free. We’ve mentioned earlier that the would work for devices with at least a gig of RAM, the windows phone app dev team somehow tweak the app to support devices with 512 MB of RAM giving lower-end models to support the new lock screen app.