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Microsoft announces a new edition of Windows: Windows 10 S

Designed for schools with optimized security and performance
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 03, 2017 )    |    Computing, News

Microsoft Windows 10 S

Microsoft EDU today announces a new edition in its Windows 10 family with Windows 10 S. This version of Windows 10 is built for schools and is streamlined for security and performance. It has the power of a Windows 10 Pro but Microsoft had to restrict app installation exclusively from the Windows Store to optimize security. Microsoft is working with developers to port their apps on Windows Store so Windows 10 S users could use them safely.

Secure Windows 10 S

With Windows 10 S locked up. It will ensure students, teachers and even casual users to be safe from norms of malware threat. When one tries to use apps outside from the contained system, Windows will automatically remind users to use Windows Store apps and even suggest apps with the same functionality if there is one from the Windows Store. Besides the Apps, Windows 10 S is also restricted to use only Microsoft tools and utilities and even your browser settings are locked to use Microsoft’s own Edge browser. If you are in doubt of using Microsoft’s new browser, worry not, Microsoft built the Edge browser from ground up to ensure a safe and fully productive experience while online with the latest support in internet technologies.

As Windows 10 S is primarily designed for schools, it comes with tools to help teachers manage their devices such as the ability to deploy preloaded software and configuration options from a USB key to a number of Windows 10 S devices. The new variant of the operating system is also designed to run on low-end machines while maintaining optimum performance. With Windows 10 S, logins would only take half the time at most compare from a fully featured Windows 10 Pro.

The new Windows 10 S will be arriving this summer with a free one-year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition and Office 365 For Education with Microsoft Teams. Schools currently on Windows 10 Pro can migrate to Windows 10 S for free that is if they want to give up the freedom offered on the Pro. Alternately, Windows 10 S equipped devices can also upgrade to Windows 10 Pro at anytime for $49 or if you sport the newly announced Surface Laptop then you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free this year but starting in 2018 you’ll have to pay $49 to do that, but once you make the switch your device would no longer allow you to switch back to Windows 10 S.