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Long-rumored Apple iPhone 8 might not come this September

Production and component supplies might be to blame
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 30, 2017 )    |    News

The iPhone is a unique device on its own and users or fans of the phone line understands that. Some people would agree to some degree that the iPhone didn’t really took a major redesign since they’ve introduced the iPhone 6 two years ago. More so, the technology included into the device has somewhat stalled when we compare them with Android devices. Not that we should be comparing apple with any other fruit, it’s just that iPhone users still haven’t had the chance what their Android counterparts are enjoying today.

iPhone users are betting on the next major iteration of the phone with no other than the iPhone 8. Rumors and speculation of the iPhone 8 came soon after the iPhone 7 launched and if one is a fan, these rumors really might just be what iPhone users has been waiting for years.

Rumors though are half-truth, though you might argue with me but that has been the case most of the time especially when we are talking about devices that as expected months away, these rumors are usually filled with facts though as the release or the unveiling of the device gets closer. One of the most and probably most exciting rumors for the iPhone 8 is the upgrades that is expected to bring along with it, like most of the Apple fans, even non-customer of the device are also looking forward on what Apple might bring where these customers might also become their next potential buyers and might even totally jump into the Apple bandwagon.

OLED display is what we are most excited about the iPhone 8, though Samsung already have their full force in the production of this displays, there might just be hiccups along the way. KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo a reliable source of intel about Apple devices has a prediction that Apple might have to delay the launch of the anticipated handset due to production constraints. Mr. Kuo believes that the OLED-equipped iPhone device won’t be entering into production until October or November this year and not just that, Apple is also rumored to fit a depth-sensing front camera into the iPhone 8 which may also contribute to the delay, other tech including an in-display fingerprint sensor is also expected to show up as well.

So the regular and timely release for the next release of an iPhone device will have to skip this year which are regularly scheduled around September. Though that might not be the case if Apple won’t be jumping into a next major release but rather on a refinement of the model in which when referencing iPhone releases, the most probably device that Apple might be able to come out with this September would be the iPhone 7s with the iPhone 8 to become Apple’s entirely new model for 2018.

An iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus this year might not be a bad idea but that also means minor updates to the existing line and we’ll have to wait another year cycle to get in touch with the highly anticipated iPhone 8.