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LG officially announced the new G5, Snapdragon 820, main dual cameras, metallic chassis and a modular design

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Feb 22, 2016 )    |    Featured, Gadgets, Mobile, Technology


After months of rumors and leaks, LG at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona Spain officially unveiled the new LG G5 flagship device. As the name already suggests, the G5 is the 5th generation device in the series and is one of the first device from LG to adopt a semi-modular design. The said feature had been around the rumor mill but it was until today that we see how things would work for the G5 handset.

The new LG G5 has also been given a redesigned hardware treatment when the whole thing itself has been changed significantly and one of which is the placement of volume rockers back to the side of the device, something that we though LG not to return to anytime soon but we’re wrong. This redone approach gave the company a seemingly refreshed user experience that has been gone from LG for a while already and the change in its design has been welcomed by many.

With the G5, LG has wave goodbye to plastic materials used to build the flagship device and went through with a full metal construction, though undeniably it still uses plastic parts underneath but on the outside we could see an all metal chassis and frame, this gave the G5 a far better premium treatment as compared to its predecessors.

Missing removable battery or the absence of a memory expansion slot has plague devices with metallic build but LG came up with a workaround and turns to modular design scheme, LG is one of the first device manufacturer in the market to have utilize the approach and this gave LG new ways of adding accessories to the handset and improve its usability. With its modular design, LG designers and engineers managed to provide a removable battery and a microSD slot from a slide out bottom compartment. This also allowed LG bring in the “LG G5 Friends” a line of accessories that could attached to the LG G5 to enhance our user experience.


Here we have a camera grip attachment as the LG Cam Plus that enhances its imaging features with additional camera controls and additional 1100 mAh battery, we also have a DAC attachment from Bang & Olufsen for a more enhanced and immersive audio experience and a VR headset for as we’ve known already takes us on a virtual reality environment.


The new LG G5 is also one of the new devices in the market with outstanding display, LG went back to the tried and tested IPS realm with QHD resolution display, however, you’ll be seeing here a down-sized display view with the new handset as the display has a 5.3-inch view diagonally. But that doesn’t really ruin the experience if you are coming from the previous G series instead, it will be making the images on the screen a rather more clear and crisper as the number of pixels per inch is tightly compact when compared to their 5.5-inch implementation of let’s say the LG G4 for example.

LG also introduces a display feature that will become a standard on new Android devices, The Always On feature lets users view vital information on screen without literally waking up the phone. It shows information such as missed calls, received messages, date and time and other notifications set by users. LG claims that the feature would take up at least 0.8% of battery life per hour with the feature turned on. It uses a dedicated memory chip to handle the feature and allows the main processor to go on sleep when not in use.

The display also comes with Daylight mode enabled which allows us to use the handset even on extreme lighting conditions. Users can still use the screen and clearly see the images on display even on direct sunlight. It uses ambient lighting technology to automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the environment light.


The LG G5 runs on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset with four cores of 64-bit processors, Adreno 530 graphics processor and is coupled to a 4 GB of LPDDR4 system RAM. User storage memory total to 32 GB and a microSD slot is provided to further expand its storage volume depending on the owner’s needs.


Connectivity has also been improved on the new LG G5 with 4G/LTE. GSM and 3G/HSPA+ support, high-speed WiFi with 802.11ac and 802.11 b/g/n legacy support, Bluetooth 4.2 LE with A2DP, NFC, InfraRed, GPS with GLONASS and A-GPS support. It features the new USB version 3.0 Type-C interface where a reversible connector comes into play. With the new USB interface, LG uses its advantage to provide a seamless VR experience with its own VR headset.


The LG G5 comes equipped with a dual-camera setup as its main shooter. One of its primary cameras features a 16 Megapixel sensor with 75-degree Field of View while the second one has a wider Field of View at 135-degrees and it’s a 8 Megapixel sensor. With software processing techniques, images captured from these cameras can be merged for added depth of field effects and other predefined presets for a more stunning images with a real-time preview. Upfront is also a high-resolution 8 Megapixel Selfie camera which will handle all our Selfie needs and provides us with a clear and high-quality images during video calls.

Finally, the LG G5 runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and incorporates a proprietary LG Optimus 5.0 UX interface on top. There’s also a fingerprint sensor at the back of the handset which takes advantage of Marshmallows new security features. With the new Optimus UX interface, LG has eliminated the app drawer altogether,the approach is similar to the Apple iOS where all apps are now displayed on the main screen. LG claims to have sold the problem of managing and finding apps as well as eliminate the confusion of deleting and uninstalling apps.

The handset comes primarily with a 2800 mAh removable battery which is one of the nicest things that LG has to offer to its users and with its Snapdragon 820 at bay, it supports Quick Charge 3.0 which the handset is said to have its battery from flat to fully charged in just an hour and a half with 27 per cent increase in charging speed and 45 per cent efficiency.

The new LG G5 will launch worldwide by April and will be available in Silver, Gold, Titan and Pink color options. Although LG haven’t confirmed the pricing of the handset, experts speculates that it should sell around $US600 to $US700 a unit. Not only that, LG will also be selling those added accessories that we’ve mentioned above separately to enhance your experience, that as well didn’t come with a price tag at the moment so for more of those and their availability, please stay tuned.