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Leaks: LG preps its first Firefox phone

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 08, 2014 )    |    Mobile


We’ll soon be seeing a new smartphone from LG that will be powered by Firefox. Called the LG L25, the handset is the first device from the company to come with the Firefox OS. Uploaded by @upleaks through his twitter account, the image shows a sketch of the what the device might look like and a couple of images of what the UI would look like under the new operating system. According to our source, the handset is exclusively available in Japan through KDDI and that it would be available in any other market but Japan.

lg-l25-ui-1 lg-l25-ui-2

At the moment, we have no clue on what hardware specs that the handset would have but the Firefox OS is mostly for the budget-friendly devices so we’ll be expecting a low to moderate hardware specs so don’t raise your high expectations about it. If our source could get new updates about the device or other sources could find out more about the progress of the handset, we’ll tell you. We should get more information about it when we get closer to its debut, stay tuned.