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Leaked: Windows 10 for Phone in the wild?

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jan 17, 2015 )    |    Mobile


Microsoft is set to unveil some of the upcoming features for Windows 10 platform in which that’ll include the Windows 10 for phones. Microsoft has kept silent regarding the future iteration of Windows for phones but one thing if for sure, Windows powered phones will share the same platform as its desktop counterparts.

Until now, we haven’t got any idea as to what Windows 10 would look like on smartphones, latest leaked images from China suggests a new Windows 10 UI for phones with features that practically answers long-time requested features from users. Though the images are unconfirmed, it seems to follow the path that Microsoft is heading, We’ve already know that Microsoft is trying to maintain the same user experience on its upcoming operating system and one concrete strategy for this is to share the same UI elements across different devices.

Despite the excitement, others have questioned the legitimacy of these image but it this turns out to be true, Windows phones would breath a new life as these images looks fresh with a more desirable interface that the usual Black and White that we have with Windows Phone 8.x.

Microsoft prepared a special event on January 21st in which the company is expected to give details and early look on Windows 10 for phones. Microsoft will also discuss new developments on the platform as we get closer to the its release.

Settings-page-translated Windows-10-for-Phone-Start-Screen Windows-Phone-for-10-Settings-page