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Latest leaks suggest the Nokia 8 will be HMD Global’s flagship for 2017

5.7-inch 2K display, Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage at least
cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Jul 17, 2017 )    |    News

There were numerous speculation surrounding Nokia’s mysterious flagship in which there are two-sided views of possibilities. One an undoubtedly the longest standing rumor about Nokia’s potential flagship is the Nokia 9 and the other one is the Nokia 8. However if we are to believe the recent developments and the freshest leaks, it seems like the Nokia 8 is ready to go for primetime, but that doesn’t mean we are ditching out the rumored Nokia 9, instead, as for 2017, the Nokia 8 seems pretty obvious as the next in line for Nokia’s flagship and that the Nokia 9 may come out later.

So, rumors suggests that the Nokia 8 will see first the light of day and will take care of the spotlight this year with a potentially possible unveiling as early as July 31st. Though this claim weighs a little less than the Nokia 9 rumors but our source of such information came from a Scandinavian retailer through German site which even have an alleged retail price of the device at 589 Euros.

Details of the alleged devices according to the retailer seems to take credit from previous rumors and benchmark results such as the one recently revealed TA-1004 device that visited FCC for certification, but unlike from its benchmark results having 4GB and 8GB of RAM, the said Nokia 8 will be available in 4GB RAM at least during its initial launch and bears 64GB of internal storage, what’s not clear though is if it comes with memory slot for storage expansion or not, so that’s what we are yet to see in later leaks until the official launch.

Other details of the upcoming Nokia 8 is the constantly rumored Snapdragon 835 to power the device. As for the display, it seems to disagree with previous rumors for Nokia 8 of having a smaller 5.3-inch display and instead, latest claims suggests that the flagship will however includes a larger 5.7-display with rumored 2K display resolution. It should be shipping with Dual-SIM slots like all other HMD Global’s Nokia handsets and will ship in four color options including: Blue, Steel, Gold/Blue and Gold/Copper variants.

What’s really intriguing here if it would include the highly requested dual camera module for the phone, but like what was already been anticipated for months, the alleged Nokia 8 device is strongly believed to including the setup for the ultimate imaging experience and topping that off with the recent and resurrected partnership of Nokia and Zeiss, the Nokia 8 is expected to carry more that just the decent camera equipment.

And just a quick teaser for everybody, the number 8 seems to be a powerful number for Nokia devices focused on imaging tech and if that trend ignites back, all that we hoped for the best imaging capabilities on a Nokia device might just be the one with the Nokia 8, and that’s what keeps us excited about.