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Lab grown penises to be ready for human trials in 5 years time according to researchers

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 08, 2014 )    |    Health, Science


Organ transplant isn’t new and while our doctors are perfecting their techniques in organ transplantation, a team of researchers from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Northern Carolina has created something that one day minimize graft rejection resulting to a successful organ transplant. From a laboratory grown vagina’s, the team’s recent achievements may one day help men who have lost their sexual organ due to trauma, disease or whatever has gone wrong that they would need such replacement procedures. According to the researchers involved, Laboratory grown penises will be available in 5 years time that is if everything would come out as planned.

During trials, researchers have used rabbits as their subjects, by growing a remainder of penile cells from the subject which includes a smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells needed for erectile function, this procedure will span from four to six weeks in a culture medium. Within that period, the donor’s organ will be washed with detergent to kill and remove all living cells leaving a scaffold of collagen that forms as a matrix which will be seeded later with the cultured penile cells. It is worth noting however that the procedure uses a patient/subject penile specific cells, transplants for female-to-male sexual reassignment is not possible.

The result of their research is encouraging as the test subjects responded to the procedure quite well according to Institute Director Anthony Atala. Atala noted that the rabbits who received the procedure has regained their sexual functions and abilities. This has left the Institute to go on further with their studies and hopes to go in to human trials in 5 years time but Atala acknowledges the lots of hurdles involve with their research and the Institute has continued to work its way into perfecting the developments in organ transplantation.

When this procedure goes through, like the success in synthetic vagina transplantation on females, the lab grown penises will really give hope to patients having any abnormalities with their reproductive organs that even at the early age this procedure can be applied or on patients having cancers or any form of disease or a physical trauma perhaps that gives those patients a second chance to reproduce and enjoy their lives.

Image CreditScience Photo Library