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Jide’s Remix OS for mobile turns your Android smartphone into a PC

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Feb 22, 2017 )    |    Computing, Mobile, News, Technology

Just what if you could turn your smartphone into a fully operational computer where you could actually have your keyboard, mouse and a larger monitor or display to work with? Well, you’ve probably heard about Windows 10 Continuum for that matter but that was all about Windows, what we want here is an Android running device that could do the same thing that Windows 10 powered device could do.

A company named Jide Technology has our back to do just that, the company has been working with a custom Android ROM to work like its Windows counterpart. In 2015, Jide released the Remix Ultra Tablet that comes with a conventional notebook keyboard that can project its display unto a compatible larger display, the tablet then runs on Remix OS, a custom variants of Android for the Remix Ultra tablet that gives the device a PC-like experience.

Proven to be capable, Jide today announced its new Remix OS mobile for a wide range of smartphone devices giving users the opportunity to turn their Android smartphones into a fully working computing device. What’s intriguing is that while on mobile mode, the Operating System gives you what is expected to a stock Android experience complete with all the UI and operations you’ll see on almost every Android device has out there. The magic comes when you’ll put the handset on a special docking device where it’s paired to a monitor a keyboard and a mouse.

When docked, your phone turns into a CPU itself (something like a desktop PC CPU) and what your tiny smartphone display has shown will be reorganized when projected into a larger display with a desktop PC like experience, navigation and controls. What’s more, is that it will allow users to work with multiple apps with their own windows active altogether, something that you’ll see on a PC-based OS.

The ability to switch from mobile mode to desktop mode on Remix OS is what Jide calls”Singularity” and this what makes the Remix OS different from all other custom Android ROM’s out there. With”Singularity”, Remix OS optimizes apps to run on individual windows as opposed to a single view on smartphone devices. According to Jide co-founder David Ko, they’ve created Singularity and Remix OS for those users who are looking for a complete computing solution that is affordable.

In the next five years, roughly five billion people will be coming online. And when they come online, their number one choice will be the smartphone; an affordable smartphone, and that will be an Android. If your phone can replace [your PC], it’s a huge saving, and has a big impact to productivity.

– Jide

The Remix OS shows potential as a viable alternative for Windows but for now it’s not without a hitch, the software still has the kinks here and there, and moving from mode to mode still has the rough edges on them but as Jide continues to work on their OS, these problems should be addressed in the future version of the OS and will optimize more apps to work seamlessly with the OS for a better user experience.

Another thing to consider on moving to Remix OS is that it doesn’t come with Android Play at boot so, this might not be suited for every Android users after all unless one understands how to sideload apps for that matter then adding Android Play is just a thing of installing any regular Android Apps except you’re installing a system app on an OS which should have been there in the first place. But despite the obstacles, Remix OS is something that users and developers have to look into and explore all other possible things that Android could do with a simple smartphone device.

Remix OS for mobile is slated to launch on the summer of 2017 but users can check out what the Remix OS experience is like with a downloadable installer for PC and experience a different kind of beat from an Android Marshmallow based operating system.