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HTC to unveil its flagship M10 device on April 12 through an online event

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Mar 23, 2016 )    |    Entertainment, News


This year starts with new and highly anticipated devices from the top game players in the mobile business and in continuation with that surging number of devices, HTC will also be unveiling its next generation flagship device known as the M10 or what we’ve come to believed to be just the “10”. The handset is the successor of the mighty One M9 but this time, HTC is said to be dropping the “One” naming convention and will be sticking with just the “10” or “Ten”. That and more information about the handset will be fully revealed on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

While we anticipate HTC to hold a venue somewhere, the whole unveiling and presumably launch of the handset will all happen online through live streaming like it did when the M9 was unveiled. But hopefully this time would be more engaging with an in-depth tour on the device. HTC will host its live streaming event at on Tuesday, April 12 at these times : 8 am in New York, 1 pm in London and 8 pm in Taipei.