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HP’s new smartwatch for women comes with Swarovski crystals and a transparent screen for $250

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Feb 01, 2016 )    |    Gadgets


Technology on women aren’t as highly prioritized compared to men however today, technology companies such as HP is taking notice on women as a highly profitable market. One of their latest gadgets that’s specifically targeted to women is the new smartwatch from HP in collaboration with American designer Isaac Mizrahi. The wrist worn watch is nothing like any other classical wristwatches that we see around however at closer inspection, the new wristwatch comes injected with high tech features and made beautiful with Swarovski crystal.

Sitting side by side on a typical watch, you’ll mistakenly think that this is just another wristwatch butwith a turn of a dial, the then analog watch turns into something that you don’t expect, the front glass of the wearable is basically a transparent screen that shows information from a compatible iOS 8+ or Android 4.4 or later operating system devices including calls information, messages, emails and steps taken. Unlike a full-blown smartwatch however, HP’s classical smartwatch won’t send voice messages, make calls or listen to music which you can typically do with a smartwatch but with basic information at hand, it becomes handy that such small important information can go and display on the screen without looking at your phone directly as they are already available on your watch.

And also, unlike many smartwatches that we have today, HP’s new smartwatch battery is said to last for years if you used this as a regular watch but as you go and utilize its smart features, HP claims at least five days of use before it needs to be recharged.

The new smartwatch will be available for $250 and will come in silver or gold stainless steel color options. It does come with a built-in exchangeable wristband but if you want to get more personalized can do so with a variety of colors including :black, white, sky blue, baby pink and light gray for $40 a piece.