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Highly complex malware strain infecting Windows Phone, Android and Jail broken iOS devices, security experts warns

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 14, 2014 )    |    Mobile


We’re soaking ourselves with gadgets and stuff that we can no longer imaging a life living without them. From computers, mobile phones and tablets our lives are now driven by what is called the electronic age. Before the advent of smartphones, computers are the primary target of malware attacks. As far as we could remember, that first malware to hit mobile devices were intended to replicated itself thus lend the infected device to be unusable at worst. Now moving to the 21st Century, our mobile phones has gone from the simple calls then to calls and SMS and now smartphones have dominated the market which work just like our computers, some are even more powerful than our laptops and even desktop PC’s, so hackers are now expanding their grounds to take on the mobile ecosystem.

Every year, we’re hearing reports of a malicious bug that plagues mobile devices, Computer security experts are now moving in to the mobile space to protect users from insurging threat. Our latest threat was detected and confirmed by Kaspersky Labs, the new strain of malware seems to be infecting almost the entire ecosystem of mobile devices from different platforms which includes Windows Phone, Android, jail broken iOS and even some Blackberry devices have reported to have been infected by the latest malware.

The complexity and the size of the malware is believed to be backed by a government or a highly professional organization in which until this time experts has no idea behind its creation or any information about its creator. It seems that the group behind the attack have certain knowledge to protect itself from being known which security experts are looking into to traced where they came from. All that is known today is that the malware is largely targeting business executives, diplomats and military leaders in which it records all calls from the infected device, save them in mp4 file format then beam and stored them on a free account from a Swiss cloud-storage service CloudMe.

The new infection is disguised as an update to a legitimate mobile messaging app WhatsApp which is available in all three major mobile platforms. Security experts have suggested to get applications and updates straight from the platform’s default and official app store. Users for the Windows Phone OS are advised to get updates straight from the Windows Phone Store, Android devices on Google Play and iOS only on the App Store. Though the threat seem to specifically target the business, diplomats the military leaders, common users can also get infected with the malware so Mobile security experts suggests not to install the software and apps coming from untrusted sources and iOS users to get more cautious when they are running a jail broken device.

Known countries as a target of the malware includes: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India, and the Czech Republic. Other countries that stand as a potential targets are Romania, Venezuela, Mozambique, Paraguay, Romania, and Turkey. User s from other countries not mentioned here could still be infected as the malware in a form of a trojan horse as “WhatsApp” is currently circulating all over the internet and identifying this threats has been quite difficult at the moment so users are advised to be very cautious and vigilant when installing updates and apps and only get them from a reliable source.

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