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Hauwei Mate 9 Porsche Design, surprises everyone with good looks and top of the line specs

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Nov 05, 2016 )    |    Featured, Mobile


Indeed, most of Chinese OEM this year has something in their sleeves to raise the tides and Huawei, well took the boundaries of the Mate 9 handset further by partnering with Porsche. Now we understand why Huawei had chosen Germany to unveil the device. As for a few notes, Porsche has a small division that extends its design principle to some other things and electronic devices are most oftentimes are a few of them.

With both company’s work together to bring about an ultimate device, the partnership succeeded on their efforts as it brought a more luxurious, powerful and iconic limited edition of the Mate 9 device. Unlike the regular Mate 9 handset, Porsche Design Mate 9 gives out a few easy to notice changes to the Mate 9 series. One obviously is the screen, its smaller though at only 5.5-inch but unlike the conventional flat display of the Mate 9, this premium flagship includes a QHD curved-edge AMOLED screen somewhat similar to design of the late Samsung Galaxy Note7. It also features The fingerprint as well has been moved from the back to the front of the handset embedded to a home screen button found right below the screen.


In terms of the rankings of Huawei devices, The P9 stands as the first line in the series of a flagship device, then the P9 Plus puts the load one notch up, then we have the new Mate 9 handset which already proves a major upgrade from is predecessor and even the P9 flagship itself. Though we told you that the Mate 9 looks a lot to replace the P9’s throne, the new Porsche Design Mate 9 will put them all aside as it’s undoubtedly the most technologically endowed device that Huawei has ever created.

Underneath, it is powered by the same Kirin 960 chipset of the Mate 9 but the RAM has been upgraded to 6GB and the storage is at 256GB. however with that amount of storage to work with, Huawei opted to removed the microSD card slot on this one.


As the new Mate 9 shifts its focus more on mobile imaging, the Porsche Design edition also shipped with a dual-camera module at the back with one having a 20 MP monochrome sensor and a 12 MP RGB sensor. This is actually a second generation coming from the P9 and it isn’t just the sensor has been upgraded here, the new imaging chip together with the new Kirin 960 Chipset allows the Mate 9 to capture seemless 4K videos. Everything the regular Mate 9 is capable with in its imaging department can all be said the same with this ever more premium and limited edition of the handset.


This Porsche Design Mate 9 Limited Edition handset will be available at EuropeanPorsche Design stores by late of December and each handset will sit you back 1,395 Euros. By early next year the handset will become available in Asia, Middle East and other parts of Europe, January precisely.