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Google officially launched its own Google Fit, now available on Google Play

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 29, 2014 )    |    Health, Technology


Following the release of Google Fit SDK several months ago which would help developers create their own fitness app, Google today officially released its own Fitness app on Google Play Store. Known as the Google Fit, the app lets users track their activities such as walking, running or biking, set fitness goals and track their progress through the phone or to a connected device.

Users can download the app to a mobile device and start using the app instantly while carrying the device with them. The app can sync to different wearable devices to collect data and connect to other devices such as a tablet or through the web via a PC or laptop.

To download the app head over to the source below or through your phone by launching the Google Play app and then search and install Google Fit. Let us know if you’ve download and started using the app and share your opinions about it.

SOURCEGoogle Play