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First live-action adaptation of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ trailer goes live

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Nov 14, 2016 )    |    Entertainment


If you’ve watched the anime or have read the manga, you’ll definitely watch next year’s live-action adaptation of the highly hit 1995 anime Ghost in the Shell. Though there were a few issues about its castings, fans will have to watch the movie anyway to see if the live-action version of the anime stays true to the iconic scenes portrayed in the animated movie.

Oddly, the main protagonist Major Kusanagi will be played by Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson set in the future world of Tokyo. Some scenes were replicated from the original animated movie which now becomes the highlights of the trailer. The live-action Ghost in the Shell movie is set for cinemas on March 31, 2017.