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Facebook Messenger gets its own AI Assistant through “M”, now rolling out to you

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 09, 2017 )    |    News, Technology

As users of Facebook Messenger increases by the day, the social networking giant continues to improve our user experience with their messaging app, though features are often tested every now and then whether in a closed beta program or in some cases through the real world user base via app updates, the Facebook Messenger has undergone a lot of revisions and makeovers. Lately, Facebook has silently incorporated a semi-AI feature on its Messenger app, the one that we used to see that suggests contents, contact and even book your next share-a-ride is done from what Facebook calls as “M”.

The name “M” isn’t something mind-blowing or perhaps a significant one compared to Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana but Facebook’s direction seems to follow a particular partner as its counterparts though done it in an intelligent and discreet way and now, Facebook finally unraveled the brain behind those intelligent suggestions generating, book planning, setting plans among others as the new Messenger M. The feature itself was announced by Facebook a year ago and was powered by humans by then, as testing progressed, Facebook learned a lot from it and built an entirely AI automated scheme for the system and thus the “M” was born. This low profile but comparable AI from Facebook can actually help us automate and improve our way of communicating.

Planning to catch up with your friends? M could actually setup a plan for you and takes them as you personal reminder for the upcoming event. Get personal with your message through stickers, whatever your mood is, you could use some help with M to send stickers to your friend and eventually express what you feel. Or perhaps you’re going out and wants to hitch a ride, M will gladly help you out to book for Uber or Lyft, just something to make life more easier.

M will constantly listens from our conversations and could fire its way when a recognizable conversation patterns are detected. The following features are M’s core functions:

  • Sending stickers
  • Paying or requesting money
  • Sharing your location
  • Making plans
  • Starting a poll (in group conversations only)
  • Getting a Ride

Facebook Messenger’s M features now starts rolling our in the US both on its iOS and Android variants but the rest will eventually get this feature as the update for the app takes in phases and by region. As automation or AI increases it presence in the mobile ecosystem, Facebook suggests that we should expect more of this AI powered features in many of Facebook platforms to improved our communication experience. However, if automation is not your thing or one would wanted the plain old simple messaging techniques, M can be turned off actually in the Settings.