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Dong Nguyen is back with another game that tests your ninja skills with nothing else but Ninjas

Gears partners with Obokaidem
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jan 29, 2017 )    |    Entertainment

For the 8-bit style game lovers out there, there’s a new game in town that will challenge your patience again. If you’ve remember Flappy Bird that created a worldwide sensation which led to the eventual disappearance in the market because Dong Nguyen it’s creator couldn’t handle the popularity it’s got, but spawned a lot of clone after that. Dong Nguyen is back with another game that will surely bring a lot of fun and frustrations both at the same time.

Ninja Spinki Challenges !, it’s Dong Nguyen new game that will ultimately test your agility and patience as you move through each level with increasing difficulty on each one of them. The game basically is an aggregation of 6 mini games/challenges that requires your great reflexes to more through each challenge. What’s great though is that you can pick any of the 6 challenges anytime might it be the bouncing cat head, moving mines, ninja dummies, rolling fruit and cannons. This will alleviate your frustrations from other challenges but that is if you could still take the agony of trying your luck in the loop, I’d say good luck with that.

One thing is great about the game is that you could actually continue the game where the last time stops as it comes with a continue button at the bottom. But before you could do that, you’ll be taken to watch a video ad for a few seconds then the game resumes where you left off. Though it’s kind off annoying, you’ll have to understand that the game doesn’t require you to have an in-app purchase so it doesn’t involved any real money here but just a few seconds for the developers to gain profit.

Dong Nguyen’s Gears Studio in Vietnam partners with Obokaidem from Japan to came up with the game. To our knowledge and probably save Dong Nguyen from stresses, the game is released on Google Play and the App Store with Obokaidem as the handle. With that, we’re safe to say that if this game rises up to popularity, we won’t need to worry about Dong Nguyen pulling this off from the app stores again.