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Color-changing hair dye changes your look in an instant in any place at any time

Changes color depending on the environment's temperature
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Feb 20, 2017 )    |    Science, Technology

In Fashion, what would be more appealing than changing your style in an instant? What would even more attractive when your hair changes color without going to your favorite hair saloon when you need it. The Unseen – a UK-based company developed a new dye that will do just that.

Called Fire, is the company’s latest development, a color-changing hair dye that responds on your surroundings or the weather that you’re currently into. It uses a special carbon-based molecule that alters their light absorption capabilities that instantaneously changes its color when subjected to different temperatures.

The dye is currently in development and extensive testing. With health concerns regarding chemicals and dyes, Fire creator Lauren Bowker claims that the dye is safe. It uses “Less Toxic” chemicals which is somewhat similar to a regular hair dyes available in the market. And when consumer-production based testing proves that the dye is safe to use, we’ll all be able to purchase this dye at our local stores in time – a dream come true for fashionistas.

SOURCEThe Unseen