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Collaborative Success: Making Your Employees Love Working for You

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Sep 11, 2014 )    |    Guides

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business magnate, success doesn’t happen right then and there without the help of people – and this shouldn’t only count your clients and customers. Your employees have also been there to help you reach where you are now. So, it’s just as sensible to give them the appreciation they deserve.

Although employment rates had skyrocketed for the third quarter of 2012, this year we have witnessed many workers leaving their jobs. This is especially evident in the BPO, health care and media industries. Because of this, employers need to step up to keep their people for as long as they can. All the more since frequent recruitment processes can take a lump sum from your company’s revenue.

Employee engagement is deemed a powerful factor in business success. It’s an essential strategy for organisations in order to succeed in the corporate realm. Once you keep them consistently engaged, they will be more productive, work- and customer-oriented, and inarguably loyal.

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Help Them Grow in Their Career

Stagnancy is one of the major reasons why highly skilled professionals leave their jobs. Professional growth may only be one factor that affects their motivation and performance, but it certainly is a strong one. You could help your staff build their career plans by offering a variety of training programmes, motivation seminars and advancement mentoring activities. By honouring their purpose, you are also showing how the company values their efforts.

Promote Positive Communication

Creating a positive atmosphere in the company is good way of caring for your workers. Through acknowledging what each one has to say, you value their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Once you become receptive and attentive to them, they’ll reciprocate by promoting your organisation’s philosophy, missions and goals. Supervisors and managers need to be more approachable and willing to adjust according to the needs of their subordinates. Through staff meetings and evaluations, everyone in the organisation would understand how they fit into the puzzle and how they are contributing to the business.

Foster Team Spirit

The feeling of belongingness is innate in humankind. You need to understand that being part of a supportive workgroup would promote unity. This starts with recognising the individual roles of each worker. This is made possible through a series of team buildings and company outings all throughout the year. Another very significant activity is the Skill Appreciation, in which each team member can say something good about their colleague.

Give Due Recognition and Appreciation

Just as sanctions need to be imposed for absenteeism and other workplace infractions, you must also create methods to recognise the good points of your staff. Giving out incentives or verbal appreciation are only two of the surefire ways you can boost morale. Recognising excellent job performance and attitude would go a long way towards making the people in your company feel valued and respected.

Provide a Safe, Secure and Pleasing Physical Environment

Whether your employees are staying in serviced offices or factories, your job as the boss is to ensure that such areas are conducive for working. If occupational health and safety standards haven’t been met, your staff might suffer from workplace-related injuries — which would in turn become a liability to your company. On another note, incorporating ergonomic principles and adding useful amenities in the workplace would boost productivity.

Don’t think of it as doing each other favours. Instead, the whole company should strive to achieve a common goal — and this has to start with you, the leader and the entrepreneur. It is definitely possible to create a healthy, friendly and productive corporate ecosystem together with your employees.

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