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Breaking your Galaxy S8’s display means costly

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 27, 2017 )    |    News

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely a beauty inside and out but what if you have its display crack? Well, one thing is for sure, it’ll certainly cost you a fortune, that’s not gonna scare you for one thing or another but it’s a fact and definitely something that you want to prevent.

Though we have that practice to enclose our new and shiny devices with protectors from the screen and all the way to the body but there are also certain instances that despite our best efforts, devices as delicate as they have become would certainly break at some point and for that beautiful infinite display of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ means costly.

For repairs, an infinite display replacement costs 250 Euros for the repair at Samsung’s official service centers, previously the Galaxy S7 edge would set you back 200 Euros but as the infinite display on the Galaxy S8 is somewhat new and more complicated that the model behind it is one of the reasons why it cost more.

Though it was said the Galaxy S8 is need no special protection but that Gorilla Glass 5 on the infinite display still has its weakness and that’s what we need to look out for. Also, be better to have a good grip on that beautiful device so as not to turn your hard-earned money into trash.

Image CreditCNet