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Another iPhone 8 battery swelling incident comes in

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Oct 08, 2017 )    |    News

About a week ago, we’ve reported that two of the new iPhone 8 units from Taiwan and Japan have swollen batteries in them. One was while charging and the other was coming out straight from the retail box. Another reported cases has hit the Web and the incident has already been a widespread concern as reports are coming in not just from the two countries we’ve mentioned but also in China, Canada and Greece.

Apple is now seriously looking into the matter and has an undergoing investigation about these reports. While this could be a serious battery issue, this as we’ve already talked about previously still cannot be compared with the Galaxy Note7 as although they forced the device to cracked open, the iPhone 8 devices haven’t burst into flame. Batteries after a long time of using it tends to swell towards the end of its life but the case on the iPhone 8, these are new devices and then really are expensive ones. What causing them is a big wild guess from us until Apple release a statement about these incidents.

For now, We repeat and say it again, only get your shiny new iPhone 8 devices from the official sources and that your device is covered with full warranty so that if something bad happens, you’ll know where to go.