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Android February Security Patch now available for Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Christian Jay Magowan  —  12 months ago ( Feb 08, 2017 )    |    Mobile, News

One of the most popular Samsung handset of 2016 next to the Galaxy S7 is the Galaxy J7 Prime and believe me, they are selling like hotcakes at the moment. With features and specs that are well-balanced for its price, the Galaxy J7 Prime proves to be a well deserved high customer satisfaction rating. For Samsung to keep its popular devices afloat, the company releases regular updates to its devices and the Galaxy J7 Prime has just one.

Coming in as a OTA update with build number G610FDDU1AQA2 and like all other updates, this one too is full of security patches along with Android Security updates for February. If you’d remember, Google releases monthly update for Android devices and Samsung has kept well to its promise to bring Google’s security updates on its devices lineup as fast as it can.

As you might know, OTA updates tend to take a little while before it gets into everyone’s devices and if sadly your Galaxy J7 Prime haven’t got the update notice yet then you can manually check the update yourself by digging through the Settings menu and if that doesn’t work you can also update your device through Odin by downloading the ROM from here.

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