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A Glimpse of the upcoming Notification Center for Windows Phone 8.1

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Feb 20, 2014 )    |    Mobile


The most awaited feature for Windows Phone OS is coming together with Windows Phone 8.1. Android and iOS users has been enjoying the unified Notification Center for sometime now while WP8 user were promised with the same feature for a long time. Now that would change as Microsoft is set to provide that very same feature for its WP8 users with Windows Phone 8.1 update.

For Microsoft’s WP8 terms, to the notification center will be called the “Action Center” and will feature the same functionality found on other platforms. It works with a down swipe from the screen giving users a unified source of the latest information from apps and across the system itself. Users can also access four quick settings buttons from the Notification Center with the ability for users to customize these buttons to their preference and enable/disable individual apps from showing information from the Action Center.

This feature is currently being tested by Microsoft and users should enjoy this useful fully when users upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 when the update rolls out to compatible devices.


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