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A 3G version of the Nokia 3310 might be heading to the US

cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Jul 27, 2017 )    |    News

The new Nokia 3310 (2017) is no doubt one of the most popular feature phone of today not because of its tech inards but by the nostalgia it brought to Nokia customers. The name itself is already something for one to own one and that disappointed potential and Nokia customers in regions where GSM is no longer supported.

But a new certification file from HMD Global to the FCC suggests that the beloved 2017 feature phone could finally have a 3G version of it. There’ve been no differentiation from a regular Nokia 3310 and the 3G variant with its length and width are the same with the design and everything are intact. They also shared the same model number with the 3G variant is designated with model TA-1036 while the 2G version comes with TA-1030 version numbers.

As the new filing signifies an eventual arrival of the Nokia 3310 3G, the new handset is then expected to make an appearance at the Nokia event in London next month.