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4-door Kia GT Concept getting into production, coming soon

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Apr 08, 2015 )    |    Transportation


Unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Kia GT concept has the looks of a muscle car and has been one of the much awaited sports sedan in the automobile industry with its unique styling and underlying technologies. Fans have dreamed about the Kia GT since then with doubts for Kia to remain the GT concept a forever concept car until recently. The Vice President of Kia Motors America Orth Hedrick, talked about the faith of the GT concept along with the recently unveiled GT4 Stinger coupé at the 2014 Frankfurt Motor Show with Australia’s Drive and have shared some insights about the future of both cars and with emphasis on the GT concept.

Since its début in 2011, Kia motors have planned to put the GT Concept into the production line but executives only set the go signal in 2014 which now is expected to come out soon not in a concept form but an actual production car where users could purchase and drive. The Kia GT Concept is based on a four-door coupé with a 3.3L Turbocharged V6 engine driving the rear wheels.

While the 4-door concept may see the light of day, it’s a different story for the 2-door GT4 Stinger concept since Kia is more inclined towards the more appealing 4-door coupé that is believed to attract the younger customers and enthusiasts. Hedrick adds: “I think for us the GT is a sedan so it has a lot broader appeal than a two-door coupé. They don’t do well here. They do really, really good for 18 months and then they really fall off. You can get just as much emotional experience in a sedan, a more practical car, than a coupé. But it communicates something very, very clear to market with a coupé in your line-up.”. With that, while the GT4 Stinger coupé could be a future Kia car, it still has more work to do to be suitable for release and the market for a coupé at the moment is not that strong for Kia to make an investment so for now, they’re spending their time working with the GT.

When ask if when will the market sees a production version of the GT Concept, Hedrick says “We’ll have an announcement soon.” Kia has stormed the automobile industry not only in its hometown in Korea but throughout the world with their latest and competitive products with their biggest selling point “affordable” which turned many car customers to Kia over the years. With the production down the line Kia expects the GT to produce a big impact for both the brand and the company itself.

Image CreditDrew Phillips / AOL